In To My Shadows..

 Living  in a world of drama  ..
Artists on the stage of dramatic world ..
Trapping with between true and fake emotions..
Running for unsatisfied materialistic illusions .

Daydreams of sunshine is always on our side ..
Shuttering eyes with ignorance and innocence ..
Where worldly pleasures are slavery to us ..
Here we feel world's happiest person.

Gloomy days of pitch black dark skies ..
Where a lonely soul seeking for courage ..
There's no humanity comes to support ..
Here our honest being travelling with us .

Realization of living in a fantasy world..
A dark shades of an illustration follows us ..
Spiriting the hearts as we are not alone at the end ..
It's our image of black shadows accompany us.

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Ashwatha vrusham is a familiar tree in the parts of Asian countries as it worshiped as sacred tree in many ways of human life . It is also famous by calling Peepal tree . From my childhood I have listened many stories about the Peepal tree and have prayed it as holy tree in the temples .

My Ganesha underneath the Peepal tree .

Once upon a time the colony where I had been stayed there was a huge Peepal tree in a park near to my premises . It attracts the sight of walkers with the shining leaves in turn to golden at the morning sun rays where as silver glow during the nightfall of moon light.

Finally, a day which made my relation with Ashwatha tree more stronger . When I was departing the place and felt to leave some of my memories .Unknowingly, I put down my Ganesha idol underneath the Peepal tree .That day ignited my mind to start some research on this maha vrusha (big tree) from Vedas to scientific facts to present here .


Jagathguru Adi Sankarachrya
Gawtham Budha Underneath the Bo-Tree

From the origin of Vedas the name Ashwatha verbatim : “Ashwa which meant horse + Atha means stood there ” ; vruksha : tree . Later on some centuries the renewed sage Jagathguru Adi sankarachaya elucidated Ashvatha vruksha symbolizes “the entire cosmic universe inside it ” in Sanskrit he derived Ashvatha as Shva : tomorrow and Atha : stands or exists indicating ” One which does not exists the same tomorrow ” like wise the universe is not constant and keeps on changing by the cyclic process .

Through the sources of Latin it can be termed as Ficus Religiosa connotes the king of trees for its great size and longevity .

In parts of Indonesia and other Buddhist countries , the Peepal tree also called as ” Bo-Tree ” and considered as a sacred fig by it’s noble tale.The great King sidharth Gawtham meditated underneath the Bo-Tree and he acquired enlightenment as “Buddha” who awakened the world into peace . After the centuries passed it was wide spread by the Shri Bhodi dharma as ” Bhodi -Tree ” .


Moola tho Bhrama rupaya ;Madhaya tho Vishnu rupine;

Agratha Shiva rupaya ;Vrusha rajaya they namaha.

which meant that ” the roots of the tree is in the formation of lord Bhramha ; the middle segment of the tree is the creation of lord Vishnu and the superior part of the tree is origination lord shiva as such a great kings of all the trees in the world my salutations to you ! “

In the sacred book of Bhavatgeeta , Lord Sri Krishna narrates the Geethopadesa to Arjuna and he says :

Vrukshaanaam ashwatthoham, Ashwattah pujitoyatra pujita sarv .

Among the trees , I’m the Ashwatha ” where the universe born from the Peepal tree and it ends with this tree in end of Kali yuga . Also , Lord krishna supposed to have died underneath the Ashwatha tree in Dwapari yuga and then the Kali Yuga started.


The Ashwatha is an astonishing tree which is immortal and everlasting has been inspired many philosophical people .It can grown in any kind of atmospheric conditions as it grows upwards as well as from top to bottom . The branches themselves transfigured into roots , even if the genuine tree putrefies and expires , it’s branches underneath the soil are young and continued as a parent root for the new growth .

Unlike other trees, it releases oxygen even at night. According to the science of Ayurveda, every part of Peepal tree is useful for treating numerous health issues and ailments. This tree can cure as many as 50 disorders, including diarrhoea, epilepsy and gastric troubles.Ayurveda explains how every part of the sacred fig tree can be used for holistic well being. It works powerfully on Kapha (Water) and Pitta (Fire) Dosha imbalances.

The bark of the Peeple tree, rich in vitamin K, is an effective complexion corrector and preserver; which makes bark extractions valuable for Strengthening blood capillaries and minimizing inflammation .


One tree withstands and having inspirational tales behind it .Earthly mother consists of many such a trees with unleashing histories inside their roots. We as a humans need to restore the natural resources as a valuable treasures to our future generations .

Where as recent incidents like destruction of Amazon Rain forests and burning animals ; biological wars all leads to sizeable lose to us in many ways . Everything in our hands to construct a better society or destructing and demolishing all kinds of species to next generations to set in textbooks as picture referee to shown up and to live in a virtual world.

Ashwatta sarwa papani satha janma arjitanicha ..

Nundaswa mama vrakshendra , sarwa aishwarya pradho bhava !

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Spectrum of colors on my wet palette ,
Plotting my heart as unwrapped paper ,
Crafting a creative shades on the sheet ,
Casting the designs of my artistic prodigy . 

Handpicking the colors of joy sprinkles ,
As bright as jar of sunshine yellows ,
pouring the flavors of colorful love ,
As mist as magical blooming pinks .

Adding the tone of everlasting world ,
Never faded green leaves on earth ,
Mixing the pinch of burning fires ,
Graffiti artist roses of a vermilion red . 

Brushing the strokes of my dreams,
Deeper diving oceanic heart of blues ,
Overcasting cloudy and murky nightfall,
Invading hues of pitch black  dark spells .

Touching the tints of berry blues and violets ,
Complexion of rusty browns of coffee beans , 
Spreading the canvas of golden imprints ,
It's a maven of my color palette masterpiece .

- ©PriyaKarteek 




The light leaks from the clouds ,
Awaking dawn through my window ,
It's an entrance to a fantasy world ,
To restore the sunshine in a cup.

Melody's of cuckoo birds over my window ,
And the chirping talks of little sparrows ,
Hearing to brand new musics of the life,
That's the nature morning raga to me .

Louder calls of vegetable sellers on the road ,
And the noisy busy rushing local streets,
Funny cat fights of neighborhood children ,
Makes my eye sight across my window .

A cooler monsoon breezes with rainy climate ,
Aromas of earthly mud  steaming in the air ,
Now a fancy thoughts spinning in my mind ,
A joy ride on rainbow to pluck the clouds .

As the dusk invades the shadows of evening sky ,
To capture and plot my inner creative imaginations ,  
And the pages filled with many stories for the ages ,
My corner window uplifts a poetry to the world . 




Enchantments of pink magic in the heart of nature,
when every tree turns up with new green leaves,
Budding the blooms of cherry blossom on the earth,
And her magical rosy mist welcoming the grounds .

where the butterflies sucks the nectar in the flowers,
Emerging the ever lasting love tales of February,
There the human core delighted with tenderness,
Colorful spring season finally arrived !
Spring Season my photography college collection
Early morning greetings from the shining sun,
Setting his hottest fireballs ramping on earth,
where the moist lands transpired to dried mud,
Warm and sultriness blazing up the heat .

Sooner the dusk painted like a graffiti shades of red sky,
There we hear the tinkle sounds of circus bell in the city,
And now it uplifts the spirit of the children's rejoice,
It's a final call of summer is on the way!
Summer Season my photography college collection
A sudden cool breezes gently touching the fiery streets ,
where the monsoon tranquil the heart doors ,
The pitch black cloudy sky roaring with thunders ,
And the silver linings sending the pearl drops to the earth . 

peeping at the rain lashing from the windows ,
Then the paper boats floating on the pools ,
All the hearts sprouted with joyful and blessed ,
Now we feel how heavenly is the rainy season !

Rainy season my photography college collection
Autumn Season
Golden leaves are curling - twirling from the trees ,
Mellows -yellows of pumpkins- brown coco beans,
Burning -blowing Smokey chimney fire in the homes ,
unleashing her recasting spells of a new season begins .

 Fields of wheat and corn waving -swaying to the wind ,
Grouping - gathering of the farmers storing the harvest ,
Sing a song of season something brighter in all day ,
 It's the autumn's fall dancing in the air
Winter Season
Cozy and lazy earth drank the sliver sunlight,
Chilled and cold breezes swirling around the sky,
Frosty snowflakes dazzling on the oak trees,
It’s the time to make the lovely  snowman .  

Where the warm blanket of snow covers the land,
There we lit-up the camp fires for the warmth,
And rhyme the jingle bells in the twinkling star light,
Here we welcoming the Christmas winter!




An Inspired story from Rabindranath Tagore ‘s poetry.

Long centuries ago , Upagupta one of the Buddha ‘s disciple was started exploring different Parts of India. It’s an August’s Cimmerian new-moon night ; all the lamps were dim and shuttered doors where upagupta slept on the dusty path near the city walls of Mathura . Suddenly , a foot steps crossed near his way which sounding jingles with anklets . He got startled and opened his eyes , then a glimpse of a tall and ravishing beauty wearing ethnic attire with dazzling jewels who seems like a Rajanarthaki (courtesan) named Vasavadatta . .

A warm voice touched his ears “Dear Monk ! it’s not a right place for you to sleep .please ,take my company and rest in my homeUpagupta replied her ” I will visit you when the time is ripe, now go on your way . she lowered her holding lamp light , gazed at young disciple and answered back “Forgive me, young ascetic ” . Unexpectedly , the murky night showered with rain and slowly it’s driven to stormy sky . The lady trembled in fear and left the place as soon as possible.

Days passed on , vasavadatta became a well -recognized courtesan by her graceful dance and enchanting beauty in the kingdom of Mathura . With in the short time span her name got out spread to near by towns and villages .  Although she had many a suitor, none had the character she was looking for.

On a beautiful sunset Vasavadatta was looking out through the window when she saw a handsome young monk passing by ,he was none other than Upagupta .she was desperately fell in love with charisma and simplistic looks of the young disciple.with an up lifting heart quickly she sent her maid to convey her regards to Upagupta . In a hurry the maid invited him ” Dear , young ascetic! my lady desire to see you . please , come to her home once “. With a polite manner Upagupta replied ” The time has not yet arrived to visit Vasavadatta ” . The maid was disappointed by the words of Young disciple and answered ” vasavadatta desires love, not gold, from you ” .But upagupta gave an inexplicable reply ” No, not now, but I will see her in time“.

Soon after hearing the news vasavadatta got astonished by his rejection . she went in to great dismay and stopped dancing . Few months later , she got invited to an Art exhibition in the court . A sculpture in that exhibition portrayed as similar to Vasavadatta . she got fascinated by looking at that artistic sculpture and complimented the young artisan . vasavadatta asked the young artisan “this sculpture was attractive , how much does this costs ? ” . The young artisan said “it’s priceless you can not afford this unless you perform a dance for me here” . vasavadatta got hesitated by his words and rejected the offer . With a energetic voice the young artisan said ” My dear courtesan , if you want this sculpture .. please stand on your words ” . Vasavadatta agreed to keep her promise by dancing again. The people of Mathura thanked the young sculptor.

Dusk to Dawns followed by the young artisan felt deep lust with vasavadatta and He asked her to pose for him so that he could capture her image in stone on purpouse to meet her daily . By observing his magnificent work vasavadatta uttered My art may end when i’m no more , but your’s was long lasting for centuries to generations “. The young artisan felt happy and continued his work .

Few days after the young sculptor presence was evanescence in the city. The enemies of vasavadatta started gossiping through the city by Seeing his wealth, and fearing the jealousy of her other lover , she contrived the death of the chief of the artisans, and concealed his body under a dung-hill. When the chief of the artisans had disappeared, his relatives and friends searched for him and found his body near to vasadatta’s house .Vasadatta sentenced as a murder and the people of Mathura thrown her out of the city .

On the seasons of April with a gloomy dusk day and the tree branches are in deadly state of sorrow .The city of mathura is in it’s own enjoyment of summer’s ripen mango crop festival . It’s a full moon day as Upagupta walking on the empty streets , at same place of city walls of Mathura a lady was laying down on his foot for help by shivering and her body was spotted with sores of small -pox. To avoid her poisonous contagion.The young ascetic sat by her side, took her head on his knees, And moistened her lips with water, and smeared her body with sandal balm.

Who are you, merciful one?” asked the woman.
“The time, at last, has come to visit you, and
I am here,” replied the young ascetic.

Moral :

Vasavadatta got enlighten from ignorance ” When I have beauty and wealth all the people admired me and near to me; beloved one (Upagupta) was not there . As my beauty and fame got vanished my beloved one (Upagupta) was with me and whole world left me alone.



An Ocean’s Resting place ( Maafushi Island)
Coral Reef in GULHI ISLAND with Aquatic Creatures

A journey to a mysterious land .. 
where the time and space cling into the past .. 
My pace on the land of blues ..
where the heart and soul listening to some voice .. 

It's the coast of pitch blues and shallows ..
where the wafts of sea breezes mumbling in my ears .. 
Let's Welcome to mala-dives ( Garland of Islands ) 
where the roaring tides put on the carpet of azure..

A sudden whispers of the waves .. 
where it's calling me into the sloppy sand ..
As gentle wetness of marine beauty ..
where it touches my feet feel to move deeper ..

When the curiosity blazes a passionate voyage..
There the oceanic heart concealed celestial treasures .. 
When diving deeper into the blues .. 
There's a world of mermaids and aquatic animals ..
Sooner the sun sets into the nature's lap .. 
And the darkness invades with cavernous.. 
Then the fishermen back to the Maafushi.. 
Now the feast day in their homes.. 

In this day and for ages a filled memory ..
In the pages to many tales ..
My ship in turns to homeland.. 
I finally became a poetic storyteller.. 

- By PriyaKarteek

The Tree of Sorrow ! Parijatham..


Name hails from different Roots and Branches ..

Night flowering Coral Jasmine

A prevalent divine tree called ‘parijat ‘ or ‘ parijatha‘ in southern part of local Indian villages and also known as ‘Harsinghar’ in Hindi and ‘Shefali’ in Bengali . It bears the botanical name as Nycatanthes Arbortristis : Nyctanthes which means ‘night flowering’ ‘coral jasmine’ as its flower petal in coral Red in color which is rare species among earthly trees and Arbortristis means ‘The sad tree’ .

An unvarnished Tale behind it ..

Parijatam in my house garden

A princess named “Parijataka”, who was in eternal love with lord Surya (the sun) . She sought a lot to win the heart of the Sun. In many ways as much she tried her pure love was not welcomed and It leads to a great rejection by the Sun to the princess Parijataka . She was in melancholy and awaited for the call of the Sun back in her life .But days passed by there is no change . With her rendered -heart, at last she left all her royal life and committed suicide . A tree sprung born from her ashes. Parijat is not without its share of tales of its romantic origin.

Unable to stand the sight of the lover, the tree flowers only at night and sheds them like tear drops before the sun rises. only , these flowers in the world are allowed to collect when it touches the earthly ground . As in the dawn when it has dropped its flowers, the tree appears to look gloom . Flower lovers wake up in the early morning to collect them and generally place them in a flat dish to make their rooms fresh and fragrant or mostly for the purpose of offering prayers in pooja mandir . That is how they are, even today!

Down fallen Parijatam Flowers

Saga of Parijatak from the Epics ..

Another story surrounding the trees origin is found in several ancient Indian scriptures. It was Lord Krishna who brought this heavenly tree to earth. Both his wives Satyabhama and Rukmini wanted the tree in their courtyard and a quarrel over it ensued between them. But Krishna planted the tree in Satyabhama’s courtyard in a way that when the tree flowered, the flowers fell in Rukmini’s courtyard .

Scientific and Medicinal secrets ..

In medicinal uses the juice of its leaves when mixed with little sugar is a good medicine for treatment of stomach ailments of children. Its flowers, though bitter in taste act as appetizer and soothe the stomach. In the treatment of skin diseases and constipation, the seeds of the parijat tree are used . Just as the dawn breaks, they drop one by one, forming a carpet of snow-white petals, an enchanting sight that can take anyone’s breath. These flowers blossom between October to December. 

From the sanskrit slokas ..

Chaayayaam Parijaatasya hema simhasanopari


Assen amambudha shyamam maayataaksham alankritam I


Chandraananam chatur baahum srivatsaankita vakshasam


Rukmini Satyabhamaabhyam sahitam Krishamashraye II

signing off ..